Saturday, January 10, 2015

What we're doing this week

This week we've been playing with some of the art supplies and toys I bought online to keep Little Bean and his cousins amused on the holidays. LB got to make collages for the first time.

These are the single piece jigsaw puzzles I bought from A2Z Montessori online store in Australia. The previous puzzles I bought were too difficult and frustrated him so I went back to basics. He loves them.

This threading activity uses household items. Go here for more information.

He's worked out how to put the magnetic numbers on the fridge every time now.  He was getting mad because the wouldn't always stick. Once I showed him the magnets on the back and showed him they had to face the fridge, he understood and quickly got better at it.

Some of our art supplies: adhesive foam shapes, stickers and black art paper.

Little Bean's collages.

His 6 year old cousin's collages

His 12 year old cousin's collage and drawing.

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