Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY activity board for toddlers

I have seen so many great activity boards on Pinterest, especially latch boards. I understand the theory behind latch boards and see the great opportunity to work on fine motor skills. However, I'm not sure I want my toddler knowing how to open, unlock and unlatch the very things that keep him safe around our home. I came up with this alternative activity board instead.

I used a laminated shelf that I kept from a cupboard we recently threw out. This made it easy as I didn't have to do any drilling. I was able to screw everything in by hand. Little Bean is obsessed with light switches at the moment so it was a given that one of those be included. There are also hooks to  hang washers on, eye hooks to thread string through, a pocket for a postcard, a pouch for dolly pegs and two trolley wheels that spin and swivel.


  1. This is amazing! I adore this activity board for you toddler. :)

    1. Thanks Vanessa. He's loving it and it seems to have curbed his obsession with light switches for a while. LOL.