Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gymboree Play & Music

I've been searching for a playgroup for Little Bean, so I took him to Gymboree Play & Music in District 1 yesterday for a free trial class. We got stuck in bad traffic so we were too late to join the class though. However, this gave us plenty of time to talk to the staff about schedules, fees and the like. We did get to watch a Play & Learn class and a Music class in progress. There was a Free Play session after that, so Little Bean got to have a play anyway and he loved it. It's baby heaven. They've rescheduled our free class for Thursday, even though I was late, which was lovely of them. We can't wait.

Gymboree offers classes designed to aid the  physical and cognitive development of children aged 0-5 years old. They offer Play & Learn, Music and Art classes. For older kids, there are also Sports and School Skills classes.

Little Bean went straight for the various balls on offer and ignored the playground equipment for the first 10 minutes. The playground equipment is awesome. Little Bean might have been hesitant, but I was dying to check it all out. Everything is very high quality and surrounded by safety mats. There was such a wide range that I think there would be something to keep even the fussiest child amused.

Little Bean had fun going up and down the steps and he tried out the ramp. But he kept trying to get off the ramp by swinging his legs over the side. Not a good move when your feet aren't even close to touching the floor. The red climbing steps caught his interest but were a little beyond his ability yet.

He liked the ramp with the wooden knobs on it. It was a little tricky to navigate but he did really well.

These little cubbyhole boxes were great. He wasn't really into them until I put a ball inside a box for him to get. Then he cruised around in there quite happily. The boxes have interesting shaped holes cut out of the sides which he could look through and poke his arm out of.

I was very surprised when he crawled up the green foam wedge. I thought that it would be too steep but he made it look easy. Once he was on top of the boxes, that was where he stayed. There are cool pegs in the box walls that he could move through slots in the wood. There is also a steering wheel and that was his firm favourite.

Overall, I think Gymboree Play and Music is definitely a place we'll be returning to. The fees are on the high side as far as kid's activities go in Vietnam but considering the location and high quality, I'm happy to pay it. You pay a small membership fee and then purchase a class package deal. The bigger the package, the better the deal. For example, if you buy the 45 class package with 5 free classes, the class fees drops to around 320,000 VND (AU $15) and you get 20 Free Play sessions that you can share with friends.

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