Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gymboree Play & Music update

Little Bean and I finally attended our free introductory Play & Learn class and it was great. We are definitely becoming members. I'm not sure who had more fun out of the two of us. I had such a blast jumping around, dancing and singing. It's all good because a dozen other Mums were doing it too. Little Bean loves music and dancing so mat time was his favourite part. All the staff seem to really love kids and to love their job, which is the most important thing to me. They just oozed joy and enthusiasm, which rubbed off on the kids and had them feeling great too.

I would have loved to get some photos but I was so busy having fun, I forgot all about it. The equipment was set up completely differently to the last time we were there. The big inflatable tubes were set up as swings and as tunnels. They added a net that the kids could walk or climb up. There was a little gang plank for the kids to walk along or bounce on.

To see my previous post and photos from our first visit to Gymboree, go here.

Each class has a theme. Our theme was "Side by side". It was all about promoting co-operation and socialisation. Most activities were done in pairs or groups, and the kids were encouraged to wave to each other and say hi at each step of the activity. Little Bean amazed me by doing so many things that I didn't think possible for him. The main thing I learnt from the class was to stop underestimating Little Bean's abilities. He is so much more able than I ever gave him credit for.

In my previous post, I forgot to mention that Gymboree Play and Music has locations in 33 countries.

The Vietnamese locations can be viewed here.

In Australia, they only have locations in Queensland so far. See here.

International locations can be found here.

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