Friday, October 3, 2014

A Good Day

At the various stages of our life, our idea of a good day can change drastically. 

At 20, my idea of a good day was sleeping in until noon, going to work as a barmaid in the evening, drinking after work with my friends, going fishing at the beach, then staggering home as the sun came up. 

At 25, it was going to work at a nice hotel, heading home to my trendy inner city apartment and eating at a different restaurant every week on my night off. 

At 30, it was going to my 9-5 job, cooking something delicious from a gourmet recipe book for dinner and having a few quiet drinks at home while watching a movie. 

At 35, all those days are long gone. I barely drink anymore, hardly ever go for a night out and a movie is rarely watched in peace. These days, it’s not so much about what I do with my day, but rather about three essential things that will make my life easier. 

Now, I consider it a good day if:

1.  I open a can of baby formula and the scoop is on top. I hate having to dig for it. No matter how careful you are, you always spill some and it’s a pain to clean up. If you're not cleaning up a fine powder, you're cleaning up a sticky mess. 
2.  My baby doesn’t sneeze on me with a mouthful of food. It is harder than you think to get chucks of half chewed carrot out of your hair. If it’s pureed food, you’ll be finding specks of it around the room for weeks.

3.  All the poo stays inside the nappy. Enough said.

Other non-essential but highly desirable things are:

4.  I remember to brush my hair before I go out. I’m usually so busy getting Little Bean ready that I forget about myself.
5.  I realise that I have baby dribble/vomit/food/unidentified substance on my shirt before I leave the house, not halfway to my destination.
6.  I get to eat my meals while they’re still hot. Even warm would be great. Little Bean has a knack for waking up/hurting himself/pooping his nappy just as I’m about to get that first bite in. By the time I get back to my food, it’s cold and I’m too hungry to care about reheating it. Besides, reheating it would probably just invite further drama.
7.  I get to go to the toilet by myself and read a few pages of my book in peace, without the Beans or their Daddy harassing me.

What makes a day good for you?

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