Saturday, November 15, 2014

This week's discovery basket

This week's discovery basket was created by Little Bean. I bought some plastic tubs to store our growing collection of Montessori materials and craft supplies in. While I was tutoring my ESL (English as a Second Language) student, I let Little Bean play with the tubs. He climbed in them, made them scoot across the floor and generally had a great time. Then he wandered off to find stuff to put in them. Before long, he'd raided our recycling bin, the bookshelf, the laundry and the living room for objects of interest. He found toys, clothes pegs, coat hangers, bottles, boxes, comic books and heaps more. Whenever we're downstairs now, he heads straight for the tubs and pulls stuff out, puts in back in and finds more to add to it. I tied the tubs together so he can push and pull them around the floor like a train, which he loves to do.

I'll keep the opening and closing discovery basket in his bedroom for another week also. He is still showing interest in it and is getting the hang of getting the lids on and off his milk can sorting toys.

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