Sunday, November 2, 2014

What we're doing this week

This week we've been doing a lot of fine motor skill activities.

This bead maze was a great buy in Australia on my last trip. It has wooden beads that slide along the wires. It also has wooden toys that can be pushed along channels in the base.

I made these sorting toys from recycled baby milk cans, wooden blocks, plastic lids and chew toys. Go here for instructions on how to make your own milk can sorting toys. Little Bean quickly got the hang of it.

This week's "Opening & Closing" discovery basket has practical life items that will help develop fine motor skills. Go here to more details.
After Little Bean became very stubborn about pulling tissues and baby wipes from any box he could find, I gave him a box of his own. I filled the box with small muslin clothes that he can pull out and put back in at his leisure.
 We taped some toilet roll tubes to the side of his drawers and taped a bowl to the bottom. He drops the ball in the top and it falls into the bowl. The angled tubes make the ball spin around the bowl as they land.

 We bought this toy from Gymboree. Peek-a-boo is Little Bean's favourite game. It's a sure-fire way to cheer him up and keep him amused.

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